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The Cape and the Cowl 75 years


Movie Stars Revisit Their Famous Role

Magnum or Blue steel?

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Was taking random pictures of my mother and this came out…pretty terrifying



That’s what Hall of Famer Jerry West said after watching Kobe Bryant workout with Laker legend Michael Cooper.  West’s scouting report was simple:

"Best workout I’ve ever seen. He’s better than anybody we have on the team right now. Let’s go."

From West’s memoir:  "When I said I had seen enough, I meant it. I knew who he was, and just from looking at his eyes, I knew what he wanted."

Larry Bird once called 5x champion, Michael Cooper, the best defender he ever faced.  Cooper’s assessment of Bryant after their head-to-head battle?

"Shit, this guy can play."


mamba from day one


"Do I have to beg you? Do it. Do it. Do it. Kill me."

coooold blooded


"Do I have to beg you? Do it. Do it. Do it. Kill me."

coooold blooded

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another one of my favorite scenes

another one of my favorite scenes



one of my favorite scenes 

I am a console gamer through and through. I have rarely ventured into the realm of computer games i.e Counter Strike, W.O.W, and Diablo (but I am a minesweeper legend!!) Outside of playing Fruit Ninja while I am waiting at the post office or while I am “dropping the kids off at the pool” mobile gaming just doesn’t hold the same intrigue. There is just something comforting to me about plopping down on the couch in front of the TV and diving head first into an 18 hour RPG, or just mindlessly shooting at space nazis until you fall asleep controller in hand, OR until the blisters on your thumbs majorly impairs your ability to save the princess from the tyrannical Bowser.

Just as marijuana is the gateway to other drugs, the Playstation 1 and the Super NES was my path to a 20+ year long addiction to gaming, and it has become an extremely unhealthy one. Keeping up with the Kardashians this metaphor, my older brother, 6 years my senior, would play the role of the shady yet lovable drug dealer. He would get me hooked on the SNES at an early age and soon I became a video game fiend. Spending hours and hours glued inches from of our television playing through Super Mario World again and again. This is probably why I needed glasses when I was younger. 

In the Fall ‘95 Sony released the Playstation 1, and this was the game changer! With the plethora of games constantly hitting the shelves and improved graphics that put the 8 bit and 16 bit era to shame, I knew I was just beginning to scratch the surface of what gaming had in store for me. Square Soft or now known as Square Enix released Final Fantasy 7-9 on the PS1, which became the staple of my young gaming career. Final Fantasy is the definitive JRPG experience, with FF8 being the BEST GAME EVER MADE! Okay, that is not exactly true but FF8 will always hold a very special place in my heart because it is my all time favorite game and the game I probably spent the most time with (I’m not going to tell you guys how much time I have spent playing FF8 but if I did you would be disgusted and probably a little ashamed to be my friend.) Oh and it is because I play through Final Fantasy 8 once a year.

Jump to almost 10 years later and here we are, the video game industries has never been stronger with the release of the current gen systems, PS4 and Xbox One. I am excited and very eager to see what the future holds for video games. So pick up a controller and join me as we embark on this Journey (<—indie game) called Life (<— board game…) Yeah wow, that was really awful and cheesy and now I feel sick. 

*I left out all the gaming from the Sega, PS2 PS3, Xbox 360, Gameboy and the N64 era because that would be another 7 paragraphs and nobody has time to read all this crap. 

**Cant forget Dynasty Warriors, Pokemon games, Tekken, Street Fighter, Madden, 2K, Disgaea, and so much more…

Fever, can you hear me?
You shook me like I’ve never been
Now show me how to live again
Ya used to be a blessing
But fever’s got me stressing
Realize I have been played
But fever let me play the game